23 February 2010

Haircut, Birthday Parties, and Fishing Naked.

Little man got a haircut. He was in desperate need. I wish my hair would grow as fast as his does.

After the haircut we headed over to the The Johnson's for Grace's birthday. Taylor and I work together and had our babies two days apart. Along with another co-worker, who's baby was born two days after Grace No, we didn't plan it. Actually I think all three pregnancies were quite a surprise!

This is them lovin' on each other! Which I don't think daddy liked too much. =)  But, it sure didn't last long, and they were right back to chasing and tackling one another.

Grace got to hold Kinlee for bit, and I'm pretty sure she is ready to be a big sister. Hint, hint.

We headed back to Nana's to get ready for the birthday party. Carter would not get dressed. All he wanted to do was run around naked, and help Pawpaw with the bathroom renovation.

Then he got quiet...Which is never a good thing. So, I went to check on him and this is how I found him. Fishing in the bath tub, completely nude.
He makes me smile.

Ok, so Carter has always been one of those slow present unwrappers. Until this year. I don't know what got into him, but it literally took him less than 2 minutes to unwrap his presents. He would pull all of the paper out and once he got to the present he would just toss it. I'm pretty sure a few people got pegged with a book or two.

So these are the three, unplanned "dispatch babies". But we are all so blessed to have them in our lives! I just wish we could get them together more often. The did, afterall, spend nine months "together", while we all pregnant and working on the same shift.

Carter with his uncle Zach (my younger brother)
Can't believe I got Carter to sit still long enough for another picture.
I'm pretty sure no one saw Carter for more than 5 minutes the entire night.

We didn't really have a theme for his birthday since we had it at Fun City, and they provide all the cups, plates, etc. We had decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba cake. But, for some reason Carter bugged me all week for a Razorback cake. So, I called Rick's and asked them if they would make a Razorback cake instead. Thanks Rick's Bakery for another A-mazing cake!

P.S. Yes, those are Carter's finger marks in the cake. The cake looked fantastic for about 2 minutes. Then Carter got ahold of it. Still looked pretty good even after he put his cute little grubby fingers all over it.

Having a blast in those nasty, germ-infested tunnels.
So, after a long day of playing..we went home and played some more. . He didn't even look at his presents at the party, so he had to check 'em all out when we got home.
You thought I was going to say that he passed out, and slept for 12 hours didn't you? No, not my Carter. I could never be so lucky.

This picture really has nothing to do with this post. Except that I took this picture of little Paisley at Carter's birthday party. I just LOVE this picture and wanted to share it with everyone!

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