13 February 2010

Newbie. Sort of.

Man, time flies when you have children. I can't believe February is almost half over already! So, I have decided to start blogging again, seeing as how I can't even remember what I did last week. This blog is going to have a little of everything. A little about me and my family, some of my photography, and also a little of my crafts.  This is what has been going on this past year..

Carter grew like a weed, and is looking more and more like his daddy everyday. He really looks up to him, but I have a feeling he is unfortunately going to be like his momma.

We had a terrible ice storm. So glad the ice storm this year wasn't as bad. We were out of power for a week and had to stay in a hotel.

Carter turned 2!

Willie and I decided to get hitched.

We were married by the JP on March 6th 2009.

...and then found out I was pregnant a month later.

Zach (my brother) graduated from Harber High School.
On July 13th (my birthday) we found out we were having a baby GIRL!

...and I got HUGE, fast.

My little stinker soon realized he wasn't going to be the center of attention forever.

I had two wonderful baby showers. One at work hosted by Tiffany, Elizabeth, and Tricia.
And also one hosted by Emily for other friends and family. They all did an amazing job!


Carter had many talks with sissy before she got here.

McKinlee was a pumpkin and Carter was a dinosaur for Halloween.

Carter went to visit Uncle Zach.

We got Kinlee's room all ready for her arrival.

But didn't spend much time getting ready for Christmas.

McKinlee Marie was born December 2nd, 2009.

I really hope I can keep up with this darn blog this time. =)

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