22 February 2010

Not Me, or My Child.

I did NOT eat an entire bag of Ghirardelli chocolates in one night. Oh, and I did NOT talk about wanting to loose weight while eating said chocolates.

I did NOT have my son's birthday party at the worst place possible, that was full of the trashiest white trash of Northwest Arkansas...And I of course would NOT just let my child run free while we were in there.

I did NOT let the unpacking that needs to get done slip my mind for another whole week.

I did NOT sleep for 12 hours, after getting off work Sunday morning only to wake up and go right back to work.

Finally, I did NOT go all weekend without a phone because I was too lazy to look for my charger. I would NEVER do that.

My husband and I have NEVER said damn in front of our 3 year old son. Our sweet little boy has NEVER played with his police car and shouted. "Damn man!". Willie did NOT get curious and ask him who he was talking to, and our perfect boy did NOT shout, "The drunk guy that won't get out of my police car!" I do NOT bring stories of work home with me and Willie NEVER watches DEA, Cops, etc. while Carter is asleep on the couch next to him. Nope, NOT us NEVER.

My son would NEVER stick toys in his diaper...

..Or, break his toys that he just got the day before, for his birthday.
Maybe this was the drunk guy he couldn't get out of his police car?

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