20 March 2010

Attempt at Family Portraits.

 It was so nice outside yesterday!  I was in the mood to take some pictures, and was going to be taking some of a friend/neighbor. I then got the bright idea to have her try and get some pictures of the four of us. We don't have many because my son does NOT like the camera. I'm pretty sure he is traumatized from all of the pictures I took of him while he was a baby. Anyways, I don't know what made me think anything would change yesterday...

He crossed his arms and refused to look at the camera.

He yelled at me, and purposly messed up his hair.

We thought taking some with little sis, might induce some jealousy.

But that just pissed her off.

So we took a couple by ourselves.

We ended up with this shot.

Not bad. Even though the little turd still isn't looking.

I did get a couple cute ones of Leanna though.

On a different note. Sweet Cheeks tried cereal for the first time yesterday...

and LOVED it!

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