31 March 2010

My Iphone.

It's a lifesaver. I'm pretty sure I have no idea how I ever lived without the darn thing. These are a few of the reasons why I love my phone so much.

First reason...One of the first apps that I downloaded was a game for Car-man. For those of you that don't know him, he is OBSESSED with games. I mean, the kid was 2 when he first started getting on the Nick Jr website. He gets on there, finds the game he wants to play, and plays it. Like it's no big thing. Needless to say, we were always fighting over the computer. I know it's probably bad to let him play on the computer as much as he does..But it teaches him so much. It's crazy. Anyway, I downloaded some games on my Iphone, and now when we are at a restaurant, or anywhere in public for that matter...and I can tell he is starting to get antsy, I just give him my phone. Crazy thing about it, is that the first time he ever used an Iphone, he navigated it with ease. Like he'd been doing it for years. He unlocked it, without someone showing him how. He found the game that looked interesting to him, and played. Just like he did with the computer. Hell, I'm  still getting used to the damn thing. HA! It just amazes me how smart children are! So this is just one reason I love my Iphone so much.

Second reason is for Sweet Cheeks. She is almost 4 months old (Ugh, I hate reminding myself of that) now and is getting to the stage where she needs to be entertained, but is still to young to really play with anything. A bored baby, makes for a fussy baby. She also is not wanting to sleep much. Today we were sitting in the recliner, and she was starting to get fussy. I knew she was just tired, but she wouldn't go to sleep and wouldn't even take her BOBO (aka pacifier). I suddenly had an idea. I downloaded the Pandora app on my phone, found a Contemporary Christian station and within seconds she stopped crying. Within a minute she was asleep. Ahhh. Freedom.

Third reason is because I love to read. But I hate spending tons of money on books. I downloaded the Amazon Kindle app. and bought my first book today. While I was nursing baby girl, I read. It was amazing, and so relaxing. Not to mention, I have gotten apps. to organize almost everything in my life...chores, grocery shopping, to do lists, bills, EVERYTHING.

Just thought I would share with everyone.

K. Bye.

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