04 March 2010

Our Week.

So as I am sitting here adoring my precious little girl and all of her sweet "coos" and giggles, I think to myself, "How in the world did I get so lucky?" She turned three months old just the other day, and I can't believe how fast she is growing. I told myself that with her I was going to stop and take everything in. Try to make it last. However, it seems to be going by even faster than it did with Car-man. I am just so thankful to have them both in my life!

So anyway, these last couple weeks have been full of sickness and doctor appointments.
I'm hoping we are all back to our normal selves for awhile!

Here is my car-man, looking all handsome.
It's so hard to get a picture of this big ball of energy.
He NEVER sits still.

Still trying to potty train.
But I'm thinking we're just gonna have to wait till HE is ready.
He will do super good one day, and not want anything to do with the toilet the next.

She had to go get her "2 month" shots this past week.
Of course, a month late. Because that is how I am.
ALWAYS procrastinating.

She also get her brace.
She'll have to wear this for about 20 hours a day until she starts crawling.
Then she will have to wear it at night and during naps.
She will probably have to do that for a couple years.
But hey, whatever fixes her foot!

Always has her tongue out.

I've also got quite a bit of cleaning done this week.
All of my "crafties" are organized and put away.
So, I can finally get started on some projects! YAY!

Oh, and I almost forgot. I got sweet cheeks' ears pierced this week.
I will leave you with this fantastic picture of her while getting them pierced.

Am I a terrible mother?

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