26 March 2010

Seasons and Show Us Your Life - Cleaning Tips.

I have literally experienced pretty much all of the seasons in a matter of one week.

A couple of posts ago, I posted about how nice it was outside
(70 degrees) and we were going to take family pictures.

Well, not even a full 24 hours went by before it started snowing.

I'm not talking, a little dusting.

These were full blown, baseball size snowflakes.

Everyone, including myself, kept saying.."Oh, it's not going to stick, it's been to warm."

We were wrong.
Very wrong.

It snowed.
and snowed.
and then snowed some more.

It snowed Saturday and Sunday.

Then by Tuesday it was in the 60's again.

Then it started raining.
It rained.
and rained.
(You get the picture, right?)

So now, after all of the snow melting,
and all of the rain.
We have a flood.

Wow, just imagine what this can do to ones sinuses.

Oh, and over at Kelly's Korner she is doing
Show Us Your Life - Cleaning Tips.

Anyone that knows me, knows I don't have any of those.

Well, I have one.
Don't clean.
Well at least don't kill yourself over keeping your house clean.
Just buy a Scentsy warmer.
Put in your favorite scent,
and BAM.
Your house smells DELICIOUS.
I don't know about you guys, but if my house is messy..
Yet, it smells delicious.
I can live with it.
It just seems cleaner.
Especially a lovely lemony smell.

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The Girl Creative


  1. Hahaha, isnt that the truth?!?! I have inadvertently taught my teen age son that, and have caught him sprinkling carpet freshner on his floors, without cleaning a wink, LOL. Little trickster! Happy Friday!

  2. I LOVE my scentsy warmer....its true if you have mess at least your house will still smell like apple pie LOL! Thanks for sharing :)