26 March 2010

What's a little cookie, without milk?

Don't you just hate it when a child does something that normally they would get in trouble for,
but they are so darn cute when they do it, you can't help but smile?

I work midnight shift, so I sleep during the day.
Today my mom was watching the kiddos.
She brought them home and put them both down for a nap so I could sleep longer.

When Carter woke up, he never came and woke me up.
He took it upon himself to look in the pantry for something to eat.
Then he decided to come in my room,
with a huge grin that was surrounded by Oreo cookie and say
"Mommy, I WILL eat my dinner."

The little turd already knew what I was going to say.
So he figured he would go ahead and just get that out there,
So I didn't even have to waste my breath.

So, what did I do?

I made him chocolate milk of course!
As if the chocolate Oreos weren't enough chocolate for a day.
Seeing as how I have no idea how many he ate.

Speaking of him saying the most adorable things...
He told my mom yesterday,

"My mommy has been a really good mommy this week!"

Her response..

"As opposed to every other week?"

I'm still wondering what made me so special last week.


  1. I'm glad to hear you've been a good mom! Aren't their comments just precious ?

  2. Haha..Thanks! Yes, yes they are!